Sundae Crush's A Real Sensation is chock full of songs smashing “the modern ideas of romance which can be toxic and unhealthy,” as Jena Pyle (guitar / flute / lead vocals / tambourine) describes. Igniting the flame for Pyle’s frenetic, incandescent anthems are Emily Harris (guitar, vocals), Daniel Shapiro (drums, vocals), and Izaac Mellow (bass, vocals). Based in Seattle, WA. 

Sundae Crush has appeared on KEXP’s Audioasis and has shared the stage with Frankie Cosmos, Winter, and Peach Kelli Pop.

Glitter Resin Picks, Set of 3
  • Glitter Resin Picks, Set of 3



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Set of 3 resin guitar/bass picks, created by Jena. The picks come in two thickness variations - Chunky (thick/bass picks) & Regular (normal guitar picks). More Chunky = you get 2 Chunky picks and 1 Regular pick, and More Regular = you get 2 Regular picks and 1 Chunky pick.

Options: More Chunky & More Regular include all three colors. More Regular, Aliens & Candy = mostly guitar picks, all green & pink. Regular - Candy Picks = all guitar picks, all pink.

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